• Thermo plastic injected filter with 100% food grade Polypropylene
• Constant thickness all over the shell and perfect reproducibility
• A 360° diffuser to keep the sand bed flat for optimum filtration, has a “swingaway” design for instant access to sand
• Easy-to-use water drain for simplified service and winterizing
• Tool-free maintenance with clamp locked by butterfly screws and nuts
• Transparent lid
• Six-way valve included
• Large base for high stability
• Available with ClearPro Technology


It’s incredibly simple to operate and maintain, and it’s built with long-term reliability in mind. Plus, its highly efficient design provides all the clean, crystal clear water your pool requires year after year. Pool water is routed through the sand-filled pressure vessel. The sand traps particles so small they are undetectable to the naked eye.
Over time, dirt accumulates in the spaces between the sand particles, causing the pressure in the vessel to rise. This signals you to “backwash” the filter. Simply reverse the water flow and “knock out” the dirt.